Marma chikitsa (मर्म चिकित्सा): A universal sustainable medical system

Marma Chikitsa is a branch of Vedic Science with a potential to cure disease and bring relief from the pain by non-surgical methods and for some disorders even without medicine.


Introduction of complementary food in child’s diet! Weaning

Introducing your child to a world of new flavors of food after a time period when child has to move on diet composing of different foods apart from breast milk which is important for complete nutrition.


Treatment of cancer! Which is the suitable strategy

Fighting cancer might be one of the most difficult battles you face, but if you know which weapon to strike with, it may turn into an easy win. Knowing the available treatment options and their possible complications puts you at an upper hand in each phase of treatment.


How brain process information?

The control house of our body's brain which perceives all information and makes it useful for us. Understanding its working can help us in our routine life.


Panchakarma(पंचकर्म): A process of bio- detoxification

A process that covers all the methods of detoxification under one name i.e (panchakarma) for the complete clearance of unwanted items from the body to achieve salubrity.


Gomukh asana

Life can be made more peaceful by practicing gomukh asana which enhances your beauty and keep you serene.


Vitapa marma the insight padmasana

Padmasana also promotes vitality and reproductive functions which through ayurvedic parlance could be understood better i.e science of vitapa marma.


Giloy: An immunoguard!

An adorable herb of ayurveda that not only recovers you from dreadful diseases but also makes you strong internally so that you can easily evade from any ailment.


Tulsi: A living Goddess among us

A herb that has earned the phrase, ‘Queen of Herbs’ because of its countless medicinal characteristics with both spiritual and restorative properties.