Kapal bhati


Kapal bhati


Kapalbhati a perfect breathing exercise for cleansing of the lungs and promotes the functioning of the brain.

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Kapalbhati is one of the most practiced yogic kriya in today’s time generally referred to as kapalabhati pranayama because of its close association with breath. According to traditional yoga text it's a shatkarma that activates and helps in cleansing of frontal lobes, lungs and cardiac region. In kapalbhati we reverse our natural breathing process by making inhalation passive and exhalation short & forceful. This stimulates our frontal lobes and avoids any blockage or clotting in the kapal i.e skull. The contraction and relaxation of the abdominal muscles also regulates all the cardiac and respiratory functions. The practice of kapalbhati refreshes the practitioner, brings glow on face and enhances the beauty.

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