Netra seka a simple & effective remedy for eyes


Netra seka a simple & effective remedy for eyes


Just 30 minutes of your day, that’s all what you need to prevent or cure various eye disorders which often disturbs our eye health.

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Netra seka or netra dhara

Netra seka or also called as netra dhara has been given a fundamental importance in ayurveda for the treatment of various eye diseases. This simple technique is consist of preparation of kashaya (home brewed ayurvedic medicine) and spilling the prepared medicated decoction on the eye. Nekra seka benefits in conditions like conjunctivitis, blepharitis, eye strain, watering of eyes, redness in eyes and dry eye syndrome. This procedure can be done easily at home if prescribed and is safe.


Medicated decoction is prepared first of all with the herbs suggested by ayurvedic practitioner for the disorder. Then the patient is made to lie straight on his/her back and the preparation lukewarm is poured on the inner side of eye from a distances of approximately 4 inches. Eyes are kept closed throughout the procedure without exerting any pressure. This continuous flow of kashaya on the medial canthus ensures the absorption of medicine and cleanses the eye.

from Indian herbs
by Dr. Vineeta Negi

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