Shirodhara! The flow on the head


Shirodhara! The flow on the head


Shirodhara is a widely accepted procedure to relax, nourish our nervous system and improve our mental abilities by releasing the stress and tension.

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Ayurvedic wellness

Shirodhara is nowadays the most active procedure practiced in panchakarma and even spa centers all over. It's a classical ayurvedic procedure in which a continuous flow of medicated oil or various other liquids according to doshas (disorders) is poured over the head from a height of four inches. The ideal time for the procedure is suggested in the evening in a serene ambience with proper ventilation. Shirodhara was curative benefits in psychological disorders, neurological disorders, trigeminal neuralgia, macular degeneration, depression, insomnia and anxiety. For the people with hectic working schedule or frequently travellers those who experience jet lag too often, it helps to alleviate stress, fatigueness and hypertension.

from Indian herbs
by Dr. Vineeta Negi

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Dec 21, 2015