Vidalaka: The eye soothing paste


Vidalaka: The eye soothing paste


Vidalaka is one of the kriyakalpa procedure in ayurveda in which medicated herbal paste is applied over eyelids sparing eyelashes helpful in almost all the early stages of eye disorders.

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In vidalaka kriyakalpa fresh paste is prepared with the easily available herbs i.e. rakta chandna, lodhra, gairika, vacha, haridra and ghrita nimba. The person is made to lie in supine position and the paste of 1-2 inches thick is applied covering the eyes except eyelashes. After leaving the paste for 20-25 minutes, it is gently removed and eyes are cleaned with the rose water or fresh water. This procedure relieves burning sensation, redness, watering of eyes, swelling and eyelid disorders.

from Indian herbs
by Dr. Vineeta Negi

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Dec 21, 2015