Vitapa marma the insight padmasana


Vitapa marma the insight padmasana


Padmasana also promotes vitality and reproductive functions which through ayurvedic parlance could be understood better i.e science of vitapa marma.

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The time in life when you start shaving is the first knock of manhood on the door. The real phase of lifecycle when a person has the most ambitions and the vitality to bow down all adversities in front of him. But ever increasing concerns of the problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission i.e. wet dreams, poor sperm count has put a curse on the adulthood. Sexual disorders or inabilities of fertility has entangled the feminine too. Surely these are more issues of present times then past. The ancient system of health was consist of lifestyle habits that put barriers to such conditions. Sitting in padmasana was a routine of that time. Ayurveda tells us about vitapa marma, that gets stimulated while being in padmasana i.e lotus pose and is beneficial in various reproductive disorders.

Vitapa marma has direct effects on our reproductive system. Any injury to this important point may cause huge losses whereas proper stimulation of vitapa marma helps to cure problems like infertility, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and nocturnal emission. It also helps in inguinal hernia and scrotal disorders. This marma point is located in the center of Inguinal canal which is between anterior superior iliac spine and pubic tubercle. It can be stimulated by applying pressure with our thumb on the right location. Or the practice of sitting in padmasana self stimulates vitapa marma as our back foot automatically puts pressure on vitapa marma.

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