About Vedicus

An initiative to bring trustworthy knowledge from vedic sciences and varied medical systems by experts such as Gurus, Acharyas, Ayurvedacharyas, Modern Doctors and other professionals on healthcare to keep the public informed.

The truth of gravitational force existed even before Isaac Newton realised it after the falling of apple. Such existence of facts was in the era of vedic knowledge that was also called as true and non perishable knowledge. The holistic texts of ancient India, Vedas were transcribed for the well being of humanity. Whether it was spiritual rituals, astrology, dance forms, yoga or ancient medical system ayurveda; all had scientific basis of promoting physical, mental and spiritual equilibrium which was considered the perfect state of well being and health.

Today our modern lifestyle and daily schedule has somehow made us ignorant towards our health. Until any symptom or disease gets obvious we consider ourselves as healthy. Health whereas is an equilibrium state of physical, mental and spiritual wellness and any imbalances in them may cause disorders. Medical concepts and sciences have evolved with the evolution of human being and there are many different systems available that aims at preservation and promotion of good health. Such as Allopathy is continuously evolving and has given a great insight into treatments and surgeries; ancient medical system like Ayurveda has blessed us with concepts of Dinacharya, Ritucharya, Herbs etc; our dietary habits and food plan constitute important aspect of our health; Yoga is a Darshan which leads the way of life as a healthy being. Every system has its uniqueness and limitations and sometimes combined approach may be more conducive for a good health.

Vedicus is an initiative where we have strived to bring out the authentic information on vedic sciences in relation to health perspective along with modern medical concepts and researches. Vedicus is a platform for the professionals of their field and institutions to share knowledge and experience for the awareness and well being of humanity. Here we believe in the free flow of information for goodness of the seeker so that the awareness can be created towards right concepts of health.