Greeva basti (ग्रीवाबस्ति): a great blessing for neck!


Alright! You are enthusiastic to read this article so to start with let's do some exercise - C’mon look towards your right then to your left and now see the beautiful sky momentarily your mother land. Now state which portion of your body is most flexibly working...? Yes you’re absolutely right... it's your neck. You can else easily notice these types of pliable movements of neck in various other exercises and Indian dance forms ( like odissi, bharatnatyam, kathak) that increase their fineness. From the eyes of beauty, neck has a great importance not only in present scenario but also in previous era as for example in ramayana (the great hindu text) there was a vanar named as sugreev (i.e sugreev the word su means good or beautiful while greeva means neck). He was called or named by parents so; because his neck was very beautiful that increased his beauty. Basically greeva is a sanskrit word which means neck and the ancient texts shows the importance of greeva as an exemplar in them there are many therapies that are mentioned to keep the neck well in function. One such therapy is greeva basti stated in ayurveda.

A booming basti for nape

Anatomically neck is a connecting unit between the head and lower body that physiologically supplies the blood (along with nutrients and oxygen) from heart to the brain. Here we can see that neck works so much for the sake of humans but what we have done for it...? We don't know it's importance but our ancient saints knows its significance hence originate greeva basti to maintain necks functions and to eradicate all the ailments of neck if exists. Greeva basti is a heritage for us given by our elder ones so let's discuss it in detail.

Define: The sanskrit word greeva means “neck” an basti means “retaining medicated oil or herbal preparation” accordingly greeva basti is a unique procedure in which your neck is immersed in the herbal oils.


  • First of all ask the patient to relax in prone position on droni (massage table).
  • Afterwards a doughnut is made by kneaded flour over the posterior side of neck so that it is easy for the practitioner to fill the oil around the neck region to abolish the awful ailments.
  • When the reservoir is accomplished around the neck, pour the lukewarm oil in that doughnut.
  • Keep an eye over the temperature of oil, if it lowers down then remove the oil with the help of cotton sponges and then refill with the lukewarm oil.
  • Duration for holding the oil over neck region is decided by an ayurveda acharya.
  • After the keeping the medicated oil for desirable period make a hole in the doughnut and remove the oil to collect it in a vessel.
  • Now massage over the neck region to increase the blood circulation of that area.
  • Lastly allow the patient to take rest for some time and avoid the direct exposure to the breeze or wind.

How it works...?

It synergies the benefits of the herbs natural constituents, oil qualities as well as the heat to produce the supernatural effects as what is close to nature is advantageous for the living beings and hence produce the better results.

  • Neck ache
  • Maladies of neck
  • Cervical spondylitis
  • Headache and dizziness
  • Sprain and stiffness in neck
  • Shoulder related sufferings

Rigidity is an obstacle to perform the work easily and effectively. So to get back the flexibility and mobility of your neck set yourself free from rigid treatments and turn on to greeva basti to achieve tremendous results. Undertake the therapy to achieve a healthy and flexible body...!


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