Internal basti: Wholesome wash for inner visceras


Hey you! want to rejig your life into a twinkling experience ??? If yes join me in my journey towards internal world “a world inside our soma” where numerous actions are going on not only at cellular level but at atomic echelon. It would be more wondrous and exciting that we could ever imagine in our life. If you ignore it opportunities are gone forever. So be alert and aware to understand yourself and become the creator of your own health. See the deep seated truth of your body at intestinal level that how strenuously your intestines conduct digestion, absorption, assimilation and excretion for your good vigour, excellent mind and pouring the life in thy for existence. In order to gift a sense of relief to your laborious bowels ayurveda brings basti into actuality. Basti’s are the seeds of wealth (health) which gradually turns into the plant and finally into the tree of well being. Basti which is implemented internally reboots your gut and make your constitution sturdy because human potential exists in his physical domain. So my valued chum’s discover your true destiny of salubrity with exquisite basti.

Basti deeds for mankind

Basti is an ayurvedic therapy that holds the interminable competence to bring the change in one's tedious life style by refreshing, regenerating and rejuvenating the individuals corpuscles. It also builds up a boundless relationship with doshas to keep them in equanimity. By different acharya’s basti are categorized into various ways but the crucial ones are decoction and oil enemas.

Decoction enema

Niruha basti (निरुह बस्ति)

Niruha means to purge or remove out. Hence the basti which eliminates the vitiated doshas and diseases from the body is called as the niruha basti (chikitsa). In this basti only herbal or medicinal decoctions are used. The second name of the niruha basti is asthapana basti. It is known as the asthapana basti (अस्थापन बस्ति) because it stabilize the age or the aging process. The other option instead of niruha basti is madhu tailik basti (मधु तैलिक बस्ति). Its synonyms are yapana basti (यापन बस्ति), yuktrakt basti (युक्तरथ बस्ति), sidh basti (सिद्ध बस्ति).

  • Madhu tailik basti (मधु तैलिक बस्ति): The basti in which honey and oil are the chief constituents is called as the madhu tailik basti.
  • Yapn basti (यापन बस्ति): It can be given in any season therefore it is called the yapn basti.
  • Yuktirath basti (युक्तरथ बस्ति): It can be used while driving or during war like conditions hence is called as the yuktirath basti.
  • Siddh basti (सिद्ध बस्ति): Because it abolishes various diseases hence it is called as the siddh basti.

Niruha basti administration according to the age

  • 1 years: ½ prasrit of niruha basti should be given
  • after 1 years: increase ½ prasrit every years upto 12 years of age
  • after 12 years: increase 1 prasrit every year upto 18 years.
  • after 18 years: remains same that of 18 years upto 70 years

It is very much useful for vitiated vatta and vatta related diseases.

Snehik basti as oil enema

The basti in which sneha is used dominantly for vatta related imbalances or disorders. Snehik basti is of three types namely

  • Saneh basti
  • Anuvasana basti
  • Matra basti
Sneha basti/स्नेह बस्ति

The basti in which sneha (medicated oils or ghee) is used dominantly is called as the sneha basti. Sneha basti is given ¼ of the niruha basti.

  • Best dose (उत्तम मात्रा) of sneha basti - 6 pal = 24 tola
  • Moderate dose (मध्यम मात्रा) of sneha basti - 3pal = 12 tola
  • Mild dose (कनीयसी मात्रा) of sneha basti - 1 pal = 6 tola
Anuvasana Basti/अनुवासन बस्ति

Anuvasana basti is a sneha dominant basti. Acharya sushruta designate it as “snehik basti”.This type of basti remain inside the body and do not produce any complication so can be used regularly every day or in any season. Does of anuvasana basti = ½ of sneha basti. Therefore the dose of anuvasana basti is 3 pal.

Matra basti/मात्रा बस्ति (Daily oil enema)

According to ayurveda it is a Soft enema. The dose of matra basti is half of the anuvasana basti. It can also be given regularly without any complications. It can be used when individuals are emaciated and performs the exhaustive exercises as a day to day part of life such as too much physical work - exercises, weight lifting, walking, sensual activities or have vatta disorders. It posses the nourishing effect by providing strength (increase immunity) of the body and eliminating the vitiated doshas.

Medicated clarified butter is used and approximately 60 ml is administered continuously for minimum of 8 days. Does of matra basti is 1 pal = 6 tola.

Accentuate basti

Actually every one us of are mainly depends upon the synthetic drugs for our survival without knowing the concept of “health and healing”. Natural drugs and natural therapies heals you from within that leads your life towards enlightenment of salubrity. Stop abusing your mind and body with artificial medicaments and take the responsibility of your health. Basti brings positive affirmations for you so start practicing it and write your destiny of health for yourself. Listen to the voice within you to make yourself pure so that you are able to preserve your health till future to achieve the purpose of your life as rightly said by Swami Vivekananda

“Purity, patience and perseverance are the three essentials to to success”.


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