Netra basti (नेत्रबस्ति): A natural mode for nourishment of netras (eyes)


“I would leave my eyes and help someone see again, the wonder of our world through my eyes long after i'm gone.” Do you remember these lines……???? Theses are the beautiful thoughts by the most beautiful women in the world i.e Aishwarya Rai now who is the brand ambassador for the eye bank association of India. Why she mentioned so...? Why she paid so much emphasis on the eye donation... Ok close your eyes and imagine you are born like this and haven't seen anything in this world then how would you feel...? Completely empty isn't it! It is the fact that when something goes away (eyes) only then we discover its importance. So don’t let them go away as EYES are the most crucial part of one's body, if they are healthy we enjoy each and every thing going around us but if they are unhealthy they demolishes our happiness. They also act as the mirror for the various systems present in our body exemplar if the lens of a person becomes cloudy then there is possibility of cataract, blurred vision along with floaters conject diabetic eyes disease, pink eyes increase the probability of conjunctivitis therefore we can say that our eyes are so trustworthy that they exhibit you the right ailment so that you get exact cure. Furthermore in cure system, ayurveda that is the ancient therapy of the world gave netra basti to keep eyes strong and healthy.

Netra basti does akshi trapan

The word netra or akshi means “eyes” and trapan means “to nourish via one way or the other or to hold the medicate saneha in the targeted area i.e eyes.”

In which diseases we should do netra basti...?
In all the complaints related to eyes which are listed below netra tarpan is beneficial

  • Pain in eyes
  • Blurry image
  • Dryness in eyes
  • Irritation in eyes
  • Minor injuries in eye
  • Sensation of burning
  • Rejuvenates your eyes
  • Sensitivity towards the light
  • Also it is very useful in cases of squint
  • When eyes suffer from vattaj, and pittaj disorders
  • When person complaints of darkness in front of eyes

A way of carrying out akshi tarpan

The person who wants to go for akshi tarpan or an eye treatment must execute vamana, virechana and nasya i.e shodhan of the body is necessary before implementing netra basti. Then ask the patient to lie down on the droni (seat) in supine position so that assistants make a wall of dough around both the eyes which should be approximately 2 finger (अंगुल) high. Afterwards ask the patient to close his eyes so that luke warm clarified butter (ghee) should be poured over the eyelids so that both the eyelids must be completely dipped in saneha. Then command the patient to leisurely open his/her eyes and order him to blink the eyes in a regular manner additionally hold the saneha for desirable period as recommended by ayurveda acharya (depends upon the type of disease and constitution of body). Then make a hole in the wall made up of dough so that whole of the clarified butter is collected in a utensil. Now gentle massage is done over the facial region subsequently ask the patient to take rest for some time.

Afterward procedure:
  1. Give dhoomapana after the completing the whole procedure.
  2. Avoid direct entry of bright light in eyes.
Time period for netra basti
  • In vattaj disorders - 100 matra
  • In pittaj disorders - 600 matra
  • In healthy persons - 600 matra


Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Plato a great greek philosopher

Yes my beloved ones, beauty whether it is physical or mental is reflected by our eyes. They are the best source to read one's personality, conscience and spiritual thinking. Therefore they are also designated as the windows of soul which is a traditional proverb. So protect them through netra basti an eye therapy... a natural bath for eyes.


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