Red rice: A special variety of rice rich in nutrients


Rice is the important part of diet for the billions of people in the world. Red rice is a special variety of unpolished rice that contains anthocyanins and antioxidant pigment which helps to reduce symptoms of inflammation, reliefs from allergy, and also prevents cancer. Red rice takes usually longer time in cooking, has nutty flavour and has sweeter taste. They are much healthier than white rice because they are rich in fibre content, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, iron and calcium. They have high nutritive value for heart patients and diabetics.

Health benefits of Red rice

  • They are loaded with fibre therefore helps in keeping our stomach full and keep supplying us the energy. They helps in keeping the gastro intestinal tract healthy as they prevent the body from the formation of gallstones, control obesity, childhood asthma and its fibre also prevent from some types of cancer.
  • Red rice are also good source of antioxidants that helps in inhibiting body from free radical damage and helps in minimizing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Red rice are rich source of magnesium; a mineral that is found in rare food items and helps in reducing the attacks of asthma, migraine, lower the elevated blood pressure and lowers the risk of heart attacks.
  • Red rice also helps in building strong bones and prevents body from arthritis and osteoporosis as they are good source of calcium and magnesium which together helps in making bones strong.
  • Red rice are a good source of plant lignans which are converted into enterodiol and enterolactone which are inversely related to death as it prevents from all chronic degenerative diseases like diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, different types of cancer and obesity.
  • They are low in CHO and provide nutrients of bran oil that is omega-3 fatty acids which prevents body from anti-inflammatory problems and controls hunger.

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