Patharchatta: A leaf of life


In the elements of nature, plants are the indispensable for a lively environment. Among them there are various plants which are considered as the wondrous gifts by nature. They support and soothe us in our good and the bad times. Here, in our series #SacredIndianHerbs, we will learn about our fifth and the cherishable gift by nature, Patharchatta.

Scientific name: Bryophyllum pinnatum
English name: Kalanchoe Pinnata
Common names: Air plant, Good luck leaf, Miracle leaf
Hindi names: Patharchattam, Patharchur, Paan-futti

Patharchatta: A Houseplant

Have you ever wondered that air in your home could be harbouring invisible toxins which can be eliminated with the help of some plants. All the plants which we have brought in #SacredIndianHerbs series or will further bring, are the medicinal plants which can easily be garden inside your home or in the balcony. Patharchatta is also a widespread 3-5 ft tall succulent medicinal plant which is found almost throughout India. The plant has hollow stem of red or green color in color with leaves having scalloped margins. If you spot a patharchatta plant somewhere then following are the very basic steps by which you can grow it at home :

  • Pluck a leaf from the patharchatta plant
  • Plant the leave in a pot and water it
  • The developing roots can be seen at leaf margins in few days
  • Soon a new baby plant is seen developing

That is why it is popularly known as ‘Miracle plant’ because whenever it lands, it develop roots and grow into individual plants. A single leaf has the ability to produce 8-10 plants.

Medicinal usage of Patharchatta

Good health never gets out of style if we move in life intune with nature. Patharchatta has medicinal values that could resolve some prevalent disorders of current times. So let's explore more about this valuable plant.

Cure for Kidney stones

Yeah ! kidney stones are one of such prevalent disorders. A kidney stone is a crystalline mineral formed within the kidney or urinary tract, mainly of three types i.e. calcium phosphate stones, uric acid stones and cystine stones. In Sanskrit, Patharchatta is known as Pashanbheda, “Pashan” meaning stone and “bheda” meaning to break. And as per its meaning, patharchatta has diuretic and lithotriptic properties that breaks the stone present in the kidney.

Method to consume Patharchatta to get rid of kidney stones: Take 100 gm Patharchatta leaves and churn them. A half cup of resultant juice of the leaves is taken empty stomach in the morning as well as in the evening. The intake of this juice daily will lead to eradication of calcium phosphate stones through urine. Do increase water intake along Patharchatta juice and besides, if horse gram (kulthi dal) taken daily along with chapati, helps to eradicate kidney stones fast.

Relieves Pain or Inflammation

Patharchatta soothes effectively any pain in muscles or joints. The age old way of using patharchatta for treating pain is to slightly heat the leaf, apply lukewarm mustard oil and gently tie with a cotton cloth on the affected site. The analgesic property of patharchatta will not only bring down the pain level but also will reduce the swelling.

Wound healing

Like in some movies, a hero is seen using pluck leaves on the wounds, I wondered if there was a plant easily available and recognizable which could be instantly used to relief pain or swelling. Patharchatta is a widely grown plant, easily found and recognizable. It promotes healing, reduces the pain and swelling. Patharchatta has astringent properties in the leaves, so they are beneficial for wound healing. They constrict the blood vessels and decrease the rate of platelet aggregation. And in case of insect sting (such as mosquitoes, bee etc.) where there is a sudden reaction or redness/swelling, patharchatta leaves helps to calm down the reaction, redness/swelling and irritation, and soothes the skin.

Aids in Digestion

According to Ayurveda, our health and wellbeing is directly related to our gut health. The majority of people suffer from digestion problems such as gas, bloating, stomach pain, heartburn, constipation, etc. Patharchatta balances the pitta dosha, reduces acidity, heartburn and aids in digestion. For maintaining healthy digestive system, churn the leaves into paste and consume 5-10 gm of it with warm water. You will notice relief in digestion problems and the gut system will become healthy.

Many people are now planting patharchatta at home to derive maximum benefits from it. Stay healthy and hold in esteem patharchatta both as a medicinal herb and as a decorative addition.


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Dr. Vinod Pr Upadhyay

B.Sc, BAMS, ND (Naturopathy & Yoga), Phd, FES, FIAES | Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics and Pharmacologist | Ex Principal at Himalaya Ayurvedic Medical College | Former Sr. Lecturer at Govt. Ayu. College, Gurukul Kangri


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