Shatavari: A women’s supreme reproductive tonic

Why we don’t talk about ‘it’ at all ?

India has been a prey to various taboos which has remained with us till date and talking about our reproductive health is one of them. So called as a ‘sanskari country’, people here feel ashamed talking about their reproductive organs. Why we just can’t consider them same as we have skin, mouth, tongue, stomach or liver etc ? Due to prevalence of these taboos, people are left unaware about what our body comprises of and how we can keep it healthy. Like other body systems such as digestive system, endocrine system, respiratory system; health of reproductive system is also equally important for the longevity. In our series #SacredIndianHerbs, the next herb we will be incited about is Shatavari which is famously used to restore sexual function, balance hormonal functions and keeps your reproductive system well nourished.

About shatavari

Shatavari is perhaps the most important herb used at home just like Ashwagandha. It is a perennial climbing plant that returns every year and is productive for 25-30 years. It is planted in early spring and is a cool season crop widely seen in the forests of Himalayas. The leaves turn into needle like soft spines, when clustered looks like a rose and the roots are fasciculated in a bundle. Stems are woody and brown in color bearing spines. Shatavari has both male and female plants, with female plant producing berries. The flowers are small and white in color.

The word ‘Shatavari’ is derived from shat meaning ‘hundred’ and avari meaning ‘below’ thus translated as the plant with hundred roots. This has been manipulated as ‘a woman with one hundred husbands’ as it has the capability to strengthen a woman to support one hundred husbands.

Scientific name: Asparagus racemosus
English name: Asparagus, garden asparagus, sparrow grass
Hindi name: Shatavari, Shatamull, Satavre
Family: Liliaceae

The leaves of the plant are prepared and served in number of ways, mostly as a vegetable side dish or soup. Nowadays it is popularly eaten raw as a component of salad. Shatavari can also be preserved and pickled for some years.

Shatavari: A female rejuvanitive

Shatavari is a rejuvenative tonic for the female reproductive system. It is a supporting herb at every phase of woman from menarche to menopause and even beyond that. It act as a big support through transition of natural phases of a woman’s life.

Shatavari for healthy menstrual cycle support: Shatavari helps to balance the female reproductive hormones. Therefore, the timing of your menstrual cycle can be regulated. It also aids in strengthening the ovaries and the uterus. Hence, the abdominal cramps and spasms that take place during menstruation, emotional symptoms associated with PMS and menopause can also get reduced with the intake of this herbal tonic.

For female infertility: Shatavari assist in increasing female libido and moistens the dry tissues of vagina. An exhaustive home remedy can be prepared with shatavari for the women who are unable to bear child in their wombs. Take 6g of shatavari powder and mix in 12g cow’s clarified butter (cow ghee). Consume this mixture in the morning and evening for 3 months. This mixture will help to prepare the womb for conception and thus beneficial for female infertility.

For lactating mothers: Sometimes after childbirth, the supply of breast milk gets reduced due to many reasons such as hormonal imbalance, chronic illness, stress, or fatigue. Shatavari can be used to increase breast milk supply in lactating mothers by mixing its powder with cumin seeds powder and then heating the mixture in the milk. This drink can be consumed two times a day. Apart from enhancing milk production, it also adds nutritive value which is beneficial for the baby as well as mother.

Shatavari: As male reproductive tonic

Shatavari is also known as ‘Shukrala’ that means which increases shukra dhatu (male semen) in men. So it helps in various male infertile conditions like low sperm count, low sperm motility and less ejaculation fluid. Hence, it helps to correct impotence in males.

Home remedy for improving sexual health: This is a simple preparation which requires four ingredients, i.e. the roots of Vidarikand, Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Varahikand. Take all the ingredients in equal amount, dry them and then grind into powder form. Or you can buy all the four ingredients in powder form easily from the market. Mix the powder in honey. Take 5g of it with milk two times daily. It will also be beneficial for those men and women with advancing age, experiencing pain in extremities and well as for curing digestive issues.

Natural way to cure Epistaxis & Hematuria

Shatavari is thought to strengthen the fragile blood vessels, which is why it’s often recommended for epistaxis (nosebleed) and hematuria (blood in urine). For this, take 4-6g of shatavari powder with milk in the morning and evening for 1-2 days. You can also add another herbs like vasaka powder along with shatavari powder.

Thus, Shatavari support and tonify both male and female reproductive system. Keep in touch with these natural regulators as they give you a boundless reserve to live your lives healthy.


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Dr. Vinod Pr Upadhyay

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