Adhipati marma(अधिपति मर्म): Master of all marmas!


Sapta Sindhu (Bharata or India) known as the land of mysteries, miracles, majesty and magnificence. Do you know why….…..????? because of its nature and natives knowledge. Here indians were gifted with the great imagination, vision and scientific lore therefore it has great ancient intellects. Exemplar regarding erudition, the oldest texts in world namely atharva veda, sama veda, rig veda and yajur veda are the heritage of bharata moreover most importantly sanskrit is the mother of all languages used in the world which is also considered as the best language for computers as per NASA (National Aeronautics And Space Administration) in U.S.A ( Even if we talk about the scientific knowledge of indians there are several examples filled in our antiquity such as brahmagupta gupta was the first indian mathematician who utilized zero (0) as a number which act as a bedrock for modern mathematics apart from it in 14th century opposite to qutub minar an iron pillar was built, which is totally rust proof even today, it hasn’t touched by the pollution of Delhi. Forby we all know about acharya sushruta the father of plastic surgery is also the inhabitate of India. Hence we concluded that India has the soul knowledge of science similarly Marma therapy in ayurveda is also a scientific concept of India that deals with health and diseases. The main and the most important marma in this therapy (marma chikitsa) is adhipati marma. So here we are projecting some light on it for you…. Go ahead!

Adhipati marm (अधिपति मर्म)

Hey! Have you remember the bollywood picture koi mil gaya and the most interesting, memorable and loveable character of this film JADOO (alien)…...From where he get his energy …... .???? Ah! yes…... you are right from sun rays in the same way we humans beings get energy through our adhipati marma as per ayurveda.

The appellation “adhi” means above while the word “pati” means lord or master hence the meaning of adhipati is overlord. Adhipati marma is the master point of the body or we can say that it is the manager of all marma points.

  1. Name: Adhipati marma (the master of all).
  2. Number: Single in number.
  3. Type: It is a type of joint (sandhi).
  4. Size: Its measurement is about ½ angul
  5. Site: It is present beneath the hair whorl.

Comparison: It is generally compared with trochlear herophili i.e the site where superior sagittal sinus, straight sinus, occipital sinus and transverse sinus meets.

Rituals related to principal point

  1. Why do indians grow chhoti (a little plait) on their head…??? Infact it is a tradition in hinduism to have a lock of hair over the head because before offering prayers to god in front of fire shikae vashat is administered i.e (shikha bandhan) the hairs present around the adhipati marma should be tied to form a shikha. This particular activity is performed so that this adhipati (related to spirituality) marma is protected from any external invasion.
  2. Even during funeral pyre kapal kriya (cranial action) is conducted in which regular disservice is done on adhipati marma so that the prana must egress out of the cranium.
  3. Different types of conjectures are made regarding the prana some believed that the doorway for the entrance of prana is the cranium particularly the adhipati marma when the foetus is in mothers womb. According to them it is a power point via which life is possible.

Administrative ability of adhipati

A spiritual seeker must sit in a comfortable cross legged position either in Padmasana (lotus), Siddhasana (ardha padmasana), Swastikasana (auspicious pose), Sukhasana (easy pose) or Vajrasana for people who cannot sit cross-legged by closing their eyes furthermore concentrating on their breathing technique i.e on inspiration as well as the expiration. Now join all the five fingers of the hand by their plups and put it on the place where cowlick or hair whorl is present i.e a patch of hair growing in the opposite direction of the rest of the hairs. But remember you should not irritate it i.e avoid excessive stimulation of adhipati marma. Activation of adhipati marma helps in the stimulation of sahasradala or sahasrara chakra which is very important from the yogic point of view. It also assists in kundalini jagran and spiritual science.


Spirituality means the science of spirit, soul and soma that are connected to each other for social substance (humans). In our soma (body) some points are there that are concerned with consciousness, connection to the divine and incorporeality. Adhipati marma is one of them, it is the governing point of the entire body as well as the potentate of prana (vital force of life). Its activation awards you peace, exaltation, bliss and the wonder of the infinite and undergo beyond your five senses. By developing faith in this therapy and by applying it your fate will automatically accompanied by felicity. So good luck ………..!!!!!

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Dr Sunil Kumar Joshi

MS (Shayla Tantra) | Professor and Head of the Department (Gurukul Kangari State Ayurvedic College, Haridwar)

Haridwar, Gurukul Kangri

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