Headache (शिरःशूल)! Give it a break


Currently everyone follows the concept of ……Seize the day…… means live and enjoy every moment of your present and stop bothering about future. But what happens when your whole valuable day is spoiled by just an inconvenience head eeewwww….!!!!! Yes my dear i am talking about headache that seems to be small but grant scary sequels. Headache is the most general reason which takes you to the doctor and before you reach to the doc Ahem! on the other hand your body starts treating you immediately. Feeling little bit surprised but yes it's true, your hands start giving massaging and pressurizing therapy to your forehead which is a natural phenomenon but have you ever bothered why our bod do this…? If no, here is the answer...

Exact reason is that our mind unconsciously is aware of some special points or marma points present in our body that treats us naturally from our force within. So in this article we talk about the marma chikitsa that surely proves to be a magical therapy for you that eliminates your headache abruptly.

Glimpse on headache

Continuous pain in the head which turns into a cause of worry, irritation, annoyance and unease is termed as headache. Nowadays it has taken the shape of a dragon who is engulfing each and every person of our society. Our head is a vault and brain is situated in it with three meninges namely dura mater, arachnoid and pia mater. Blood vessels in our brain are lined with pain sensitive nerves and any unfavourable constriction or dilation of blood vessels causes nerves irritation or inflammation that results in headache. Although the precise reason is not known but various presumptions are made related to its causes. The factors that triggers headache are as follows

  1. Diseases: Encephalitis, inflammation of meninges, any structural problem at the base of your skull, glaucoma, sinusitis, common cold, influenza (flu), dental problems, ear infection, intracranial hematoma (ruptures of blood vessel in the brain), trigeminal neuralgia, spine related problems such as cervical spondylitis, pressure on nerves due to vertebrae, hypertension etc.
  2. Our faulty habits: Continous working on desktops, poor lighting in study rooms, directly facing bright sunlight, exposure of high pitch sounds, using headphones for longer durations, use of tight turbans, helmets or goggles, automobile exhausts and tensions. Note: The base or the root in 85% of headaches is tension.
  3. Environmental factors: Carbon monoxide or lead poisoning, sensitivity to foods such as nuts, milk, cheese, red wine and caffeine are the frequent sources of headache or allergens like pollen grain cause allergies and later on headaches along with food poisoning.

Self marma points for headache

Our life is complex not the easy one so to make it serene and straightforward we should know the marma points as they have preternatural results. It also brings beatitude for you because this therapy revives your energy so just give one chance to this therapy……….!!!

  • Apanga marma (अपांग मर्म): The term apang means the outer corner of the eye or the temporal region of the forehead. In order to stimulate it keep your index finger on both the brows and then move them till their end is reached i.e depressed part of your temples. Now energize this point with the pulp of your finger 15-18 times thrice in day.
  • Sthapni marma (स्थापनी मर्म): Sthapni sense that the one which sthapit or installed the erudition. This marma is located in the area between the brows so to actuate this marma bring your both hands together and from a fist, subsequently place that fist on the sthapni marma.
  • Seemant marma (सीमन्त मर्म): Seemant marma corresponds with coronal, sagittal and lambdoid sutures of the skull therefore their stimulation can be done by the ways explained in marma chikitsa for insomnia.
  • Adhipati marma (अधिपति मर्म): Adhipati means master hence we can say that this marma is master off all the marma points. This marma occurs where hair whorls or cowlick is present on our head. For its stimulation join the pulps of all the five fingers of your hand and place it over the head by giving gentle pressure.
  • Vidhura marma (विधुर मर्म): It exists just behind and below the auricle of the ear and by stimulating this marma you will surely receive relief from the hazardous headaches along with amelioration of your health.

Few suggested combinations of marma points for headache:

Headache due to high blood pressure: The persons suffering from high blood pressure often experience headache and our marma points especially tala hridaya marma (तल हृदय) is very beneficial in decreasing high b.p. Stimulation of other marmas present on head that helps in treating headache are vidhura marma (विधुर मर्म), apang (अपांग मर्म), avart (आवर्त मर्म), utkashape (उत्क्षेप मर्म), seemant (सीमन्त मर्म) and sthapni (स्थपनी मर्म) that are stimulated along with tala hridaya marma (हृदय मर्म).

Headache due to cervical spondylitis: Stimulate kshipra marma (क्षिप्र मर्म), kurpra marma (कूर्पर मर्म), amsa marma (अंस मर्म), krikatika marma (कृकाटिका मर्म), here krikartrika is of great importance i.e present between head and neck, combination of theses marmas are done as per requirement.

Headache due to sinusitis: For example, a person suffering from common cold (प्रतिश्याय), sinusitis then stimulate fana marma (फणा मर्म), which is present on both the sides of nose.


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Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi

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Haridwar, Gurukul Kangri

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