Hridaya marma (हृदय मर्म): Health and spirituality


Your heart... is like “heaven” and every religious person or religious book describes its importance and stated as

“Above all the else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Bible
“In a conflict between the heart and the brain, follow your heart.” Swami vivekananda
“The heart lotus blossoms forth and eternal peace is obtained as one's light merges into the light.” Guru granth sahib.

Heart has the essence of finding the true happiness because it is the heartbeat that shows you are alive, it is the heart where your soul resides and continuously reminds about your spiritual self, it is your heart which fills emotions in you to continue humanity and kindness in this world, it is the heart that showers the unconditional love (essence of life) for mom, dad, brother, sister, relatives and your loved ones, it is the heart that also guides you that your personal pleasure are not so important than others. Now it's time to heal by your own heart i.e from hridaya marma. So let's go ahead...

Hridaya marma of great power and eloquence

The word hridya in hindi also means the one that receives or distribute. Thus we know that heart is an anatomical structure present in our body that receives blood from superior vena cava along with inferior vena cava moreover distributes the blood to whole body. But in ayurveda hridaya is harmonized with both brain and heart functions. So my dear hridaya marma is far from the anatomical structures, it is a superstructure of super science i.e marma therapy. But generally to delineate things easily, we depict hridaya marma as heart that stimulates the “anahata chakra” a crave that provide us the spiritual guidance. Hridaya is also concluded as the soul’s home along with man, chetna, prana and other vital forces because the activities that are performed by the heart are incredible. As you know that foetus is present in the watery sac therefore the foetal lungs cannot breathe in oxygen hence in that stage umbilical cord serves as the lifeline for foetus (a connection between mother and foetus) that takes the nutrients and oxygen from the mother and pump it along with blood to the whole body with the help of the heart as well as diffuse out co2 and other foetal waste products from the foetal blood. A stage is achieved in the foetal life when the heart of the foetus starts beating. At that time two hearts are there one is of mother and another is of foetus therefore this stage is baptized as the dauhridni. Heart is an organ that works very hard everyday to keep you alive and via S.A node (pacemaker of the heart) or A.V node. There are constant production of vibrations from birth till the end stage of the person, that's why it is committed as the place of atma or soul.

Appraisal of hridaya

Hridaya basti and nabhi marma are nearly of same size. The size of the heart of a person is approximately about his fist (mushtika prman) or palm of the hand (tal praman) while if we talk about atma or soul that resides into the hridaya, its mensuration is about (1 angusht) i.e of the size of the thumb.

  1. Number: Hridaya marma is single in number.
  2. Composition: It is compose of Sira’s (vessels).
  3. Category: It is promptly fateful.
  4. Properties: It is igneous in nature.
  5. Mensuration: It measurement is about persons own fist.
  6. Shape: Its shape is just like a upside down lotus or lotus facing downwards.

Note: In kashyap samhita it is stated that the human is composed of the five hearts. 4 tal hridaya and 1 normal heart.

Self cardiac massage competence

Stimulate the heart or hridaya marma by the remote area i.e by the tal hridaya marma. Urvi and ani marm are also the key factors for activation of the hridaya marma because instigation of these marm’s reactivates the functions of the hridaya. You can also triggers the hridaya marma by self cardiac massage i.e directly via heart as this improves its (heart) functions as well as the functions of the whole body. Physiologically heart supplies the blood to the body but it has only two coronary arteries which encircles the entire surface of the heart for the fulfilment of its necessities. So to gain its positive effects follow the following technique:

Put the fingers of your left hand on urvi and ani marma and gently press them, afterwards make a fist of the right hand and put it under the elbow of the left arm. Automatically the fist of your hand move on to the hridaya marm. Now press this marma not too forcefully or nor too lightly, we can also see that during activation of this marma intermediate phalangeal bones move over intercostal muscles and ribs (the size of the ribs is about the size of the fingers approximately therefore you cannot give more pressure on hridaya marma because of presence of bony prominences) thus this helps in giving the accurate pressure on the hridaya marma. Hridaya marma should be activated for about minimum .8 seconds to maximum 1.6 seconds.

Note: Stimulate the hridaya marma during expiration and for about 15-18 times as we take breath for about 15-18 times per minute.

It is a method of self cardiac massage, both your limbs act as a single unit because through left hand you are stimulating the urvi and ani marma moreover with the thumb stanmool marma is pressed while by the fist of the right hand you are stimulating the hridaya marma for activation of the heart. This technique is called as the marma pran asan because this technique or asana stimulates the marma while performing the breathing exercises (prana).


  • Always stimulate the hridaya marma during expiration phase.
  • Avoid excessive stimulation of the marma point.
  • Always consult an ayurvedacharya for marma stimulation.

Efficacious influence

Hridaya marma has magical effects on the diseases related to the heart and brain neurological deficit. Simulation of hridaya marma enhance the functions of the coronary arteries, check the valve functions, control the influx and outflux of the blood from the heart, blood speed, blood volume, its ejection and fraction, muscles contraction and many more.

By hridaya marma all three doshas comes into the balanced state i.e you are maintaining the normal status of the vatta, pitta and kapha hence we can say that stimulation of marma not only provides relief from the vascular disorders but also plays an important role in maintaining your normal health.

So go through this marma therapy to achieve supernatural results……!!!!


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