Katikataruna marma

There are mainly 14 important marma points of back region in human body of which Katikataruna marma gets primordial importance. The word Katikataruna is consist of two words i.e “Kati” that means back and “Taruna” which means youthfulness. Thus Stimulation of this marma point energises our body, reliefs back stress and improves the blood circulation over the area. It also regulates our digestive system and helpful in condition like anemia. Katikataruna marma are two in number situated at the hip joint. A little modification to yoga pose vajrasana is an easy technique to stimulate this marma point.


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Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi

MS (Shayla Tantra) | Professor and Head of the Department (Gurukul Kangari State Ayurvedic College, Haridwar)

Haridwar, Gurukul Kangri

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