Nabhi marma: The predominant point of navel region


Baby... is the most beautiful gift of nature to the woman in this world. The whole universe seems like a zion for a lady when she conceives because at that time (during gestational period) she is perceiving the kicking and wobbling of the foetus within the womb i.e enjoying the motherhood at its full extent. Hearing the heartbeat of the embryo permeate gratification in her senses. Hey dear !!! All of these things are amazing and beyond our imaginations that fills thrill in persons life. Due to a baby parents are imbue with the hope that when a teeny-weeny kid comes in their life he or she brings lots of happiness along with him/her and expand their family. He or she binds everyone together beyond their beliefs therefore guardians become very much conscious about the teensy cute conscious being and drizzle love for him/her. As Mahatma gandhi said that “Where there is love there is life.” So soon lala becomes life of all.

God to take care of every child in the mother’s womb build various structures in mother's body like amniotic sac, amniotic fluid, umbilical cord and placenta for the survival of the baby. The umbilical cord of the foetus is attached to the placenta of the mother via umbilicus that carries oxygenated blood and nutrients for the baby. Thus we can see that navel plays the crucial role during the gestational period but here we apprise you that stimulation of your belly button (as per marma chikitsa) can gift you surprising good results in your day today life by treating your gastric related problems. In ayurveda, marma therapy is showering this superlative knowledge for you and when this information indwells into your conduct it makes your life more easy and comfortable.

Navel as nabhi marma

According to modern anatomical locution nabhi means umbilicus, navel region or belly button. It is just like a depression existing at the center of the abdominal region created by the detachment of the umbilical cord after birth that shows the bonding of mother with child before his/her birth and remain as the sign of love forever between the two. But if we see anatomically there are two recti muscles present in between the anterior and the posterior rectus sheath wherever their fibers cross each other they form linea alba at the midline of the abdomen and an impression is formed on the linea alba baptized as the umbilicus.

In ancient science such as ayurveda nabhi (navel) is considered as the originating source for vessels present in between the pakvashy/ पक्वाशय (intestines) and amashy/आमाशय (stomach). These vessels are the nutrient passages as for example for the nourishment of the land humans are conducting water irrigation by furrows from thousands of years in the same way our vessels act as channels for showering sustenance to different parts of our body. Because of its intense importance all most all acharyas of ayurveda include it in the three best marmas i.e hridaya, basti and nabhi.

Why anatomically umbilicus is an important structure?

Surgery is an important treatment to save the people from the life threatening disorders. So whenever doctors have to perform the exploratory laparotomy they gave a midline incision on linea alba by protecting the umbilicus by doing this they directly enter into the peritoneal cavity without much trouble. Thus we can say that it is direct pathway to enter into the peritoneal cavity. As for example if we prick a needle through it or there is little bit of infection on the umbilicus then it directly affects the peritoneal cavity therefore we have to take care of this region or protect it from any type of infection.

In ayurveda belly button (nabhi as marma point) is acknowledged as the originating place for the vessels and is considered as the important marma that's why nabhi is also included in the marmas of udr urso (उदरोरसो:) i.e marma present on the trunk region. Stimulation of these marmas helps in balancing of tri doshas i.e vatta , pitta and kapha thus maintains the normal health of a person.

Nursing via nick nabhi

In ailments like abdominal distention or stomach ache in case of children's, ayurveda practitioner apply hingu on the navel because they know that nerve endings of the umbilicus are directly connected to the peritoneal folds and provides the instant relief in these type of cases.

We also generally heard about the incidents like displacement of the umbilicus or nabhi chyuti (नाभिच्युति) as per ayurveda while some people recognize this incidence as dharan because nabhi is avowed as the Dharni (धरणी) i.e foundation, turely umbilicus is the base of your body and during foetal life it is the support of survival for foetus. It is also the region where saman vayu and pachak pitta resides. Saman vayu cause urine formation and the removal of the electrolytes is controlled by the pachak pitta, for the stimulation of the saman vayu or pachak pitta as well as for maintenance of health activation of the nabhi marma is must.

  • Number: Nabhi marma is single in number.
  • Composition: It is compose of Sira’s (vessels).
  • Category: It is promptly fateful.
  • Properties: It is igneous in nature.
  • Mensuration: Its size is approximately of the fist of a person or palm of a person.

Nabhi stimulation to treat troubles

First of all sit comfortably in the vajra asana by joining your heels so that it presses your kati tarun marm (कटीतरुण मर्म) that stimulates the sciatic nerves. Now make a fist of your right hand and place it on the umbilicus while the other hand above the fist of the right hand. Now breath in i.e during inspiration bend forward and press the umbilicus while during expiration comes to the normal position and avoid giving pressure on the umbilicus. Do it 15 -18 times in one time, carry on this process three times a day. Neurohumors concentration remain inside the blood for a definite period after that their subsidence is there therefore we have to do the marma stimulation three times a day.

Diseases: All the diseases related to the stomach are checked by the stimulation of the nabhi marma. Believe me this marma therapy is very much beneficial for the well being of a person, first contemplate and then start practicing it so that it makes your life easy, shield you from the ruining effects of the ailments, promotes physical stability and self healing. So shall we start...!


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