Parsvasandhi marma the pressure point for kidneys

About parsvasandhi

The junction of our vertebral column and ribs which is known as the renal angle is the site of parsvasandhi marma. To self identify the point place your palm on the waist such that the little finger is on the midline and thumbs are on the back at the level of d12 vertebra. Now press the points with the thumb to stimulate parsvasandhi marma on either sides. The stimulation of this marma points check the functionality of our adrenal glands, kidneys and connects with the pranic energy that is manifested through legs. It also helps to release the stress and pain in back especially of iliopsoas muscles.


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Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi

MS (Shayla Tantra) | Professor and Head of the Department (Gurukul Kangari State Ayurvedic College, Haridwar)

Haridwar, Gurukul Kangri

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