Sthapni marma: The intellectual booster


Ma... is the first word that baby enounce with elation and cascade mother with exhilaration. The bond between the baby and mother is beautiful that can be elucidated as follows.

When he cries she comforts him,
when he smiles she reverts him,
The way he slinks makes the ma to think,
and with every blink makes the beautiful link,
She continously peep's with every moment he sleep,
and shows the love that she holds in her heart so deep. Tamanna Sabharwal

Hence we can say that there is a divine relation between the baby and mumma because by seeing his small hands, little feets and soft skin she feels satisfied but when he cries she became worried and holds him in her lapse to tap on his head. Do you have any idea why she do that...? Ah ah ah c'mon...... ok i'll tell you by tapping on the forehead especially on the space between the eyebrows provides dispense peace and relaxation to the brain moreover by stimulating this point we can achieve magnificent results as this point is known as the sthapni marm (a part of marma chikitsa in ayurveda) as the powerpoint to stimulate the agya chakra.

Sthapni scintillation

The word sthapni is derived from the term thapni or thapki i.e to tap on the forehead. Remember the phase of examination when we are frightened and knock at the space between the eyebrows which is the place where the sthapni marma is situated.

Is there any hard disk (to memorise) placed at this point which gathered knowledge in it. Yes it's true a marma known as sthapni marma is situated at this place which is directly connected to the brain and by stimulating this marma we activate the memorising center of our body. Basically the word sthapni means the one that sthapit the knowledge or that holds many things in it.


It also said that the third eye is placed at that point as the shiva has. Whenever we do pooja we stimulate the netra treya (third eye) i.e agya chakr by applying the tilak on sthapni marma

  • When we apply the red tilak on sthapni marma it provides warmness to the controller of the body becauses it is hot in nature.
  • Yellow tilak is less warm in nature as compare to the red one.
  • The white tilak is cool and helps to provides calmness.
  • Shiro dhara is also applied either on the head or on the space between the brows so that it stimulates the sthapni marm.

Anatomically sthapni marma lies at the junction between the frontal bone, maxillary bone and ethmoid bone. By stimulating the sthapni marma the stimulus will directly goes into the brain.

Be skilfull for stimulation of sthapni marm

  • Method: To commence the stimulation of sthapni marma first of all sit in the relaxed position and try to concentrate on every breath. Now fix the fingers of your right hand in the web space of the left hand to make a fist such that the thumbs of both the hands meet in upright direction afterwards touch the base of the proximal phalanx of your thumbs on sthapni marm in this way the stimulation of sthapni marma is done. The pressure given to simulate the sthapni marma is just equal to the application of the tilak on the forehead. Activate this point 15-18 times with the synchronisation of breath thrice a day.
  • Diseases: It is useful for all the diseases related to the brain.
  • Precautions: Avoid the excessive stimulation of the sthapni marm.

So in this way you can keep yourself healthy by balancing the vatta, pitta and kapha moreover it helps you in the problems related to your brain and in cases of insomnia. So try this out because you are a special one so convert your ordinary days into especial one.

Also create the passion to practice it everyday...!


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Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi

MS (Shayla Tantra) | Professor and Head of the Department (Gurukul Kangari State Ayurvedic College, Haridwar)

Haridwar, Gurukul Kangri

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