Baddha Padmasana

Padmasana is considered beneficial for everybody thus designated as the king among other asanas. In earlier times people use to chant mantras, meditate or study while sitting in padmasana. This asana helps to maintain the balance between the heart, lungs and brain therefore acts as preventative measure for the disorders related to them. Practice of baddha padmasana promotes the long application of padmasana and higher consciousness. The benefits are -

  • Padmasana gives a good stretch to our hip, spine and thighs.
  • It also improves the digestion process.
  • It makes us serene like lotus that is why called as padmasana.
  • In baddha padmasana when you try to bring your hands at the back it helps to cure problems related to breathing.
  • It is beneficial for maintaining the symmetry of the body and makes your waist slim.
  • In maternity stages it is beneficial for mothers by making milk glands strong and helps in promoting breast milk production.
  • It promotes the functioning of lungs and heart too.
  • Daily practice of this asana improves the overall body posture.

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