Gomukh asana

Gomukhasana means to sit in the pose of cow. In Indian tradition cow is believed to be the symbol of peace and beauty. Thus gomukh asana provides peace and concentration and is considered good for studying and writing work. It stretches all the parts of the body including thighs, hips, chests, arms and hands therefore it protects us from diseases like cervical spondilitis and joints stiffness. By the stretching of the chest it facilitates the deep breathing that improves the supply of oxygen to the lungs, purifies blood and helps in keeping away the diseases like bronchitis and asthma too. In pregnant ladies when the size of the stomach and waistline increases, it affects the diaphragm and results in lack of oxygen. The breathlessness during pregnancy can also be cured with gomukh asana as fresh and purified oxygen is facilitated to the mother and the baby in the womb. The reproductive organs also remain healthy with the regular practice of gomukh aasan.


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