Gym goers! Don’t rush but give a cool thought

Yoga in lieu of strenuous exercise

In a passion to utilize summer vacations in earning good health our adolescents run towards gymnasiums almost in all mohalla streets mostly run by quacks who do not even know the human anatomy or names of the muscles. In a passion for earning money the crazy adolescents are not even guided properly and as a result they face deformity in their skeletal system, body shape, height and digestion. Inadequate intake of supplementary food and steroids sold on gym counters cause imbalanced hormonal growth and unproportionate shape of body. Increased blood supply to a few muscles and reduced supply to face and skull cause dullness at mind, loss of hair, loss of vision and sometimes loss of memory. The growth of height might also ceases if we go for weight training before 18 years of age. The best age to start gym exercises is from 18 years to 25 years. You may have best growth up to the age of 35. Adolescents are advised to start gymnasiums after 18 years of age if they want to grow into a real ‘He Man’ and rather seek their best & all round growth with the practices of the yoga science.

In my 40 years experience of weight training and gymnasium exercises as a bodybuilder with National Titles like Arjuna and Pratapshri of India’ and later as a trainer of ranking bodybuilders at our Mokshayatan International Gymnasiums I have found that tender bones still at cartilage stage can be worst treated with weight training resulting into deformity of different types and be best supported by yoga resulting into maximum and the best growth putting no harm to mental faculties and giving best support to natural functioning of all systems in human structure.

For sound and disease free health, motivate your children to practice ‘Early to bed and early to rise’. Example is the best teaching, so set an example and enjoy joining your child on the way of Yogic Discipline. Leave the bed in morning before dawn and take evening meals before dusk. The entire family will undergo a creative change. This practice turned into habit by grownups will reduce the possibilities of heart diseases, digestive disorders, loss of vision and laziness in them. The true company of children will reduce your stress level and entire family will be more fresh, energetic and enlightened.

Although heredity plays an important role in terms of height gain but dedicated and regular practice of Yoga helps to compensate necessary elements like calcium, phosphate, calcium carbonate and gelatin helpful to develop the 206 main bones of human skeleton system. Moreover these yogic kriyas activate the hormonal performance and check reducing of gap between vertebras but adds height instead. One retired district veterinary officer Dr R.S. Serohi started practicing yoga with his grandson at the ripe age of 58. Surprisingly he too succeeded in gaining 1.5 inch height after dedicated practice for three years. Just to start with here are a few of such exercises


Stand straight on your asana, pull your right arm up while inhaling and spread the left arm to left side at shoulder level. Hole the breath and stretch the right leg as back as possible, try to lift it keeping maximum straight at knee and balance yourself. Hold your breath keeping the right arm pulled towards sky and left arm towards left side with chest lifted up. Come back to starting position while exhaling gently. Repeat it on other side also. It is one round of Ashwatthasana. Take at least five rounds. Ashwatthasana is named after Peepal tree which is called Ashwatth in Sanskrit language. This is the only tree that gives oxygen round the clock. Our widely spread legs arms and lifted chest represent the widely spread branches of Peepal tree.


All the Dash Vayu (Prana, Apana, Saman, Vyan, Udan, Naag, Kurma, Krikal, Devdutt, and Dhananjay) get a proper flow in our body and maximum oxygen is inhaled during the practice of this asana. The tendency of air retention is reduced and patients of asthma and bronchitis get cured with the regular practice of this wonderful asana. Besides adding height to our children it gives them total health with beauty along with all round balanced growth and a fresh blood supply to all body parts. Even the pregnant women can practice Ashwatthasana easily to come out of breathlessness and possible pains. Problems of cervical region and lower back ache are also cured with this risk free asana useful for all members of family.


Stand firm on your asana and spread your legs just double of your shoulder width. Lift your left arm up above your head and right arm spread at shoulder level while inhaling. Bend gently to your right side while exhaling till your right palm touches your ankle and heel. Let the left arm continue to touch your left ear and swing to right side till it becomes horizontal to floor. Return to starting position while inhaling. Repeat the same discipline to left side as well. This is one round. Take at three to five rounds.


It is a wonderful asana for the benefit of all family members. It adds height and beauty to our children, strengthens the limbs, removes cough problems and keeps you light. It cures sciatica pain and lungs related problems if practiced slowly. Women can practice it even till the 7th month of pregnancy for improved respiration, better nervous circulation and all round muscular strength.


Sit comfortably on your asana with feet together and legs spread. Fold your left leg and bring the heel and sole close to right side of hips. Bring right knee under left arm and right foot closer to left side of left knee allowing left hand to hold the right toe. Move your right arm towards back side till it touches the left side of lower abdomen. Move your face to right side and allow your chin and left side of chick to touch the right shoulder. Continue normal but deep rhythmic breathing. Hold the position for about 25 breaths. Repeat the same cycle on another side also. This is the initial stage of Matsyendrasana and with continuous and dedicated practice a Sadhak (Yoga Seeker) can master upper stages of Matsyendrasana also.


It is the most beneficial asana for pancreas, liver, spleen and gallbladder. This is the only asana that cures intestinal diseases such as amebic infection, roundworm, tapeworm, threadworm and even gastric. This is the sure treatment of diabetes as it affects the pancreas directly and promotes formation of insulin. It has its spiritual benefits also as it awakens Kundalini shakti that decorates one with extraordinary mental powers. It has been the favorite asana of great Yogi Matsyendranath the guru of great yogi Gorakshnath.

Do practice yoga for best physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth and give a meaning to your human birth. Convert your children from ‘mods’ to ‘models’ and ‘reel heroes’ to ‘real heroes’.


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