Janu basti (जानुबस्ति): A justified treatment for knees!


Our body is made up of a framework which is very much biologically active system and we generally underestimate its importance so what is it...? It’s our skeletal system which is made up of tiny cells like osteoclasts, osteoblasts, osteocytes and lining cells working very hard specifically. Specified cells take nourishment from the blood vessels and by using calcium along with phosphorus they builts the most basic structure of the human body i.e bones. All of us must know about bones, their functions and what they have done for us...

S - Support our body
K - Keep organs safe
L - Locomotion & movement
E - Emporium of bone marrow
T - Tank of minerals (Ca, P)
A - Appearance contributor
L - Load bearer

But what we have given in return to them, the oldest pathy of this world i.e ayurveda has done various efforts for asthi dhatu/अस्थि धातु (Bones) and one of them is named as janu basti. A miraculous method that shows astonishing good results.

Ayurveda’s amazing Basti

Ayurveda gives importance to all the body parts and introduces the various procedures according to their need and janu basti is one of them. In this therapy janu sandhi along with janu marma are influenced. The locution janu means “ knee” and basti means “a way of retention of the medicated oil over the targeted area.” Therefore basti implemented over the janu sandhi (knee joint) is known as the janu basti.

Implementation of panchakarma janu basti

To initiate the janu basti prepare the patient and ask him to follow the prerequisites fully.

  1. Initially mantras are chanted to recall the almighty so that whole of the procedure of janu basti should be carried out without any hinderance and bring the desirable outcomes.
  2. There upon command the patient to lie down in supine position over the droni (seat).
  3. Eventually a reservoir or a doughnut is made over the janu (knee joint) by kneaded dough prepared from the black gram powder.
  4. In the meanwhile medicated oil as selected by the ayurvedic physician is heated in the water bathe.
  5. Note:
    • Oil should not be heated directly over the fire.
    • Oils which are selected like murchit tila tail, mahanarayana taila, sesame oil, bala taila, almond oil, brahmi oil, bhringraj oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, neem oil, olive oil and corn oil depends upon the body constitution and imbalanced bio energies.
  6. Subsequently the lukewarm medicated oil is poured over the janu sandhi (The stream of oil is such that it travels through the thumb and then reaches over the knee joint). Combination of the heat, medicated oil plus the constituents of the herbs show their positive effect over the janu.
  7. Try to maintain its temperature either by dryer, if the temperature lowers down then remove the oil and refill the doughnut with the lukewarm medicated oil.
  8. According to diseases, body frame and bio energies duration for holding the medicated oil is varied.
  9. Now pierce the doughnut and collect whole of the oil into a vessel and exert a light massage over the janu.
After works
  • After that ask the patient to immerse his knees into the lukewarm water.
  • Order the patient to avoid the direct exposure to the vatta.


This therapy will surely proves helpful for vatta related disorders of knee joint and proficient for the patients that are suffering from the diseases as listed below

  • Knee sprain
  • Knee bursitis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Pain in knee joint
  • Patellar tendinitis
  • Arthritis of knee joints
  • Difficulty in walking due to increased vatta
Janu basti show its benefits...
  • Nourishes the janu
  • Improves the functions of sandhi
  • Provide great strength to janu sandhi
  • Ameliorate the aggravated vata dosha
  • Improves the blood circulation of knees
  • Safeguard knee joints form senile changes
  • Maintain the rectitude of the structures of knee joint

Sum up: We cannot imagine ourselves without the skeleton system so try to increase the strength of your bones by ayurvedic therapies so that they can with hold every rough and tough conditions and makes your life more easier... elegant... and adorable...!


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Earl Lange

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