Hridaya basti (हृदयबस्ति): A caring art for heart!

Introduction you recognize these sounds. A-ha...yeah...really these are the rhythmic beats of our inner world that are created by the supreme organ of our body i.e heart via its valves. These beats are the indicator of our inmost emotions, sensations, reverence and feelings. Instance whenever we see our loved ones our pupils get dilated, we starts sweating and finally our body release neurotransmitters that increases the heartbeats and gives you an inexplicable effect likewise when we are relaxed or in resting pose our heart beat slows down and bestow us with a soothing outcome.

According to ayurveda heart is like a diamond which is filled with the dazzling light of vital energy (prana or oaj) which is responsible for our existence and activities. Our inner force creates miracles while outward therapies helps us to achieve salubrity, spirituality through a salutary heart. So hridaya basti is also one them that keep your heart preserved to fight against hardships (mentally and physically both) that's why we are exhibiting this extraordinary cure for everyone...

Enumerate hridaya basti

Ayurveda introduces the hridaya basti/हृदय बस्ति to abolish all the ailments of your heart... The term hridaya is originated as follows:

Hri: that receives or withholds
Da: to give or returns
Ya: to the organs

Therefore the word hridaya means “heart” that receives the deoxygenated blood and as an outcome delivers the oxygenated blood to all the organs of the body while the locution basti means “to hold the herbal decoction or medicated oil on the focused area i.e over hridaya (hridaya marma).” Hence the procedure of holding the medicated oil over the hridaya (cardiac region) is designated as hrid basti. It is also designated as the uro basti as it is present in uro pradesh i.e chest region. Hridaya basti is just similar to all the other basti’s of panchakarma as discussed earlier but in this therapy a little bit more attention is required because heart is a very significant organ as in ayurveda it is baptized as the site of prana.

Direction to do basti on hridaya

To execute this method first of all ask the person to lay down by facing upwards on droni (seat) and instruct him to close his eyes besides start concentrating on the inhalation and exhalation of the air. Afterwards the ayurveda acharya, on the chest region i.e on the surface anatomy of the heart prepares a reservoir or doughnut which is totally leak proof. Subsequently lukewarm medicated oil or herbal decoction as elected by the physician for patient is poured in that reservoir from a certain height. The process of pouring down the oil is as such that the stream of oil fall through the thumb. Let the oil to rest over the uro pradesh till it is lukewarm when it starts cooling down remove that medicated oil and pour the new one (little bit warmer in nature). Continue this process as per recommended by the ayurvedic physician. Then make a hole in the wall of dough nut so that whole of the herbal oil is collected in a utensil and eventually massage over the chest i.e execute alight cardiac massage.

Occult outcomes

  • Increase the strength of the heart.
  • Also useful in respiratory problems.
  • It is best used for the heart treatment.
  • Useful in muscular pains of thoracic region.
  • Give great results in ailments related to heart.
  • Help in maintenance of muscles and connective tissues.
  • Improves the function of heart i.e commence rejuvenation of heart.
  • Nourishes the mediastinum, pericardium and pumping organ (heart).

Hence we can say that hridaya basti makes you feel happy as it annihilates all the ailments related to the heart thus create a world free from worries where your heart can pulsate with passion ever and forever...!


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