Guda marma (गुदा मर्म): Base of vital energy for life


The current is changing...! Today everyone is moving towards the natural sciences as the things that are more closer to the nature are better for the beings. In earlier era when the drugs like antibiotics, antifungal, antiviral, antiamoebic, antiprotozoal and anthelmintic were not invented, then how people were being treated at that time.....???
What type of therapies did they trust...?
What type of treatment does they follow...?
Does they went through any type of surgeries or implement injections to get rid from their maladies...? The answer “Yes” was not so obvious those days. People at that time relied heavily on use of natural resources to overcome their ailments because they were more acquainted with nature, intuitive and educated than the present beings.

आधुनिक भौतिक विज्ञान उन्ही निष्कर्षो तक पहुंचा है,
जिन तक भारतीय वेदांत युगों पहले पहुंच चुका है | Swami vivekananda

They know that the natural resources and therapies are isotonic to the human body, they abolishes the ailments without any side effects moreover increases one's immunity and longevity. If we talk about natural cures "Marma therapy/chikitsa" is among them which treats the patients with the natural points existing in them. In marma therapy guda marma is a great energetic point that gifts you physical, mental and spiritual gratification. C'mon let's understand it...........!!!

Imperative anal marma

Guda Marma (गुदा मर्म): Guda marma is made up of two words guda + marma. The word guda (गुदा) means (मल द्वार) the one which eliminates the waste material of the digestive tract basically the anal canal while marmas are the vital points present in our body which invigorate self healing, any harm to these points may leads to severe aching, malady or even death also. In ayurveda marmas are also expounded as the junction points of vatta (वात), pitta (पित्त) and kapha (कफ) but anatomically they are the deep seated sites of muscles (मांस), blood vessels (सिरा), ligaments (स्नायु), bones (अस्थि) and joints (संधि).

तत्र वात वर्चो निरसनं स्थूलांत्र प्रतिबद्ध गुदं नाम मर्म , तत्र सद्यो मरणं |

The marma which help in the expulsion of the vitiated vatta dosha and excreta along with affixation of large intestines is called as the guda marma. Guda marma is one of the most crucial marma among marma’s of abdominal locale. It is made up of muscles with it's approx mensuration of about persons own fist and immensely igneous in nature. Any harm to this marma may proves to be pernicious or promptly fateful (सद्य: प्राणहर).

Note: Guda marma is promptly fateful because in this sira (Vessels like arteries and veins, snayu (ligaments), mans (muscles), asthi (bones) and sandhi (joints) are placed conjointly at one place.

Framework of guda marma

Acharya sushruta declaims that muscles play salient role in the emergence of guda marma but Acharya Vagbhata propound that vessels are the key elements for its eventuality. Acharya Charaka divides guda into two parts:

  • Uttar guda (उत्तर गुद)
  • Adhr guda (अधर गुद)
उत्तर गुदो यत्र पुरीषमवतिष्ठते येन तु पुरीषं निष्क्रमति तदधर गुदम्।(च.शा.७-१०) Acharya Chakrapani

The part of gastrointestinal tract (rectum) which holds the fecal matter before its ejection is acknowledged as the uttar guda (उत्तर गुद) and the one (anus) which assists in defecation is avowed as the adhr guda (अधर गुद).

The father of surgery Acharya Sushruta recommended adhr guda as paramount guda.

तत्र स्थूलांत्रप्रतिबद्धंर्धपंचांगुल गुदमाहु:,
तस्मिन् वलयस्तिस्त्रोऽध्यर्धाङ्गुलान्तर संभूताः प्रवाहणी विसर्जनी संवरणी चेति चतुरंगुलायता: सर्वास्तिर्यगेकांगुलोच्छिताः|| सु.नि.२/५

According to him the part of gastrointestinal tract that is approximately 4½ angul in length and append with large intestine is known as the guda. It (rectal part) comprises of 3 obliquely transverse folds (Houston's valves) at the distance of ½ angul each named as pravahini (प्रवाहिणी), visarjani (विसर्जनी) and samvarni (संवरणी) during contraction these folds overlap each other and transmogrify into 4 angul.

शंखावर्त निभाश्चापि उपर्युपरिसंस्थिता: |
गजतालुनिभाश्चापि वर्णतः संप्रकीर्तिताः ||
रोमान्तेभ्यो यवाध्यर्धो गुदौष्ठ: परिकीर्तितः|
प्रथमा तु गुदौष्ठादांगुलमात्रै || सु.नि.२/६-७

These transverse folds are just like convolutions of shell arranged on each other and their colour is quite similar to the elephant’s palatine. The terminal end of the anal canal i.e anus is about at 1½ यव/yav (barley) from lower hairline.

Incentivize guda marma for amazement

A special technique is used to commence with stimulation of guda marma. To initiate, sit in the vajrasana with eyes closed along with relaxed mind and body both. Keep your backbone straight and then make a fist of the right hand and place it on the region below the navel while the other hand over the fist. During inspiration bend forward so that pressure is automatically applied over the fist as a result the fist presses the small intestine that activates the guda marma. During expiration comeback to the normal position i.e by releasing the pressure from the intestines. Repeat this activity 15-20 times in a single cycle and accomplish it in three cycles during morning, noon and evening.

Precautions regarding guda marma: Some safeguards are mentioned in samhitas to protect the marma from any type of anguish. The shloka below explicates this point as follows…

परं च यतनमास्थाय गुदे क्षाराग्नि शस्त्राण्यवचारयेत्,
तद्वि भ्रमाद्धि षाण्ड्य शोफ दाह मदमूर्च्छाटोपानाहतीसार परवाहणानि भवन्ति मरणं वा | सु.चि. ६/१०

In rectum kshar karma (क्षारकर्म or use of alkalies), agni karma (अग्निकर्म or ustion/cauterizing), shstravcharn (शस्त्रावचारण or use of sharp instruments) should be done very attentively otherwise our ignorance may expedites into impotency, swelling, burning sensation, unconsciousness, borborygmus, flatulence, diarrhoea, dysentery or even the death of a person.

मूत्रवह शुक्रवह मुष्क स्रोतो मूत्रप्रसेक सेवनी योनि गुदवस्तिनष्टो परिहरेत् I सु.चि. ७/३६

Agni karma is also prohibited for urinary channels, course for conveying semen, genital organs, urethra, vagina or uterus, anus, union parts of the body like scrotal raphe are considered as the 8 imperative points that should be protected from surgical procedures.

Overriding importance of Guda marma

Marma which inhabits in guda activates the mooladhara chakra where kundalini force resides. This chakra is present at the base of our body that's why it is designated as aadhar chakra or muladhara chakra. Whole of the kundalini power in annular form hibernates within the mooladhara chakra that is situated 2 angul above the termination of anus. Guda marma show its positive effects in all the diseases related to the excretory system thus helps in proper excretion of the excreta. Stimulation of guda marma can be done by application of vasti karma, ganesha kriya, ashvini mudra, mooladhara bandh along with mahamrityunjay mantra imparts miraculous results.

Marma therapy is marvellous method that treats the ailments without any medicines and surgical procedures. It is a natural therapy that is implemented by the naturally occurring points present in our body that brings back the physical and mental health to its normal state by balancing the vatta, pitta and kapha.


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