Do split ends scare you??


Split ends are always been the worst nightmare for every beautiful lady who wants to have long lustrous locks. Most of us have grown with Rapunzel princess bedtime story and having long Rapunzel hair is every girl's dream. But to grow and maintain long locks is not an easy task and the biggest problem in it is split ends.

What are split ends?

Split ends are medically called trichoptilosis. It is a very common occurrence and there are many myths and misbeliefs associated with it. The first and foremost thing that has been imbibed in our mind due to marketing strategies is that split ends can be corrected with hair care products whereas truth is that once a split end occurs you cannot fix it by any hair care product. The only way to get rid of it is by getting split ends trimmed.

What causes split ends?

Let’s understand how does day to day hair-care practices make our hair dull and prone to breakage and split ends. Understanding these causes we can improvise on our practices to have healthier hair.

  • In this glitz world to look our best we certainly overdo and overuse styling tools such as hot irons, hot curlers, blow dryers etc. The temperature of these is quite high and if you are not using a good quality product, the temperature in it is not well maintained. Excessive use of such tools causes hair to lose their natural moisture and make them dry, dull, damaged and prone to breakage and also causes split ends. Using these tools at extremely high temperatures may even cause charring of your hair.
  • Overuse of styling gels, sprays or chemical products used in perming, smoothening, straightening, relaxing or colouring causes damage to the hair shaft which leads to improper nutrition to root tips and split ends.
  • Use of low quality hair products for daily hair care and improper detangling techniques also causes split ends. Forceful detangle of your hair causes breakage of hair and split ends.
  • Exposure to harsh chemicals and climatic conditions like heat, cold, snow, wind etc. makes hair devoid of their natural moisture and causes dull hair which leads to breakage and split ends.
  • Use of hard water for washing hair, seawater or chlorine treated water in spas and swimming pools also causes split ends.

How to prevent and treat split ends?

  • So with all these hair care knowledge and tips you can prevent your hair from breakage and split ends. Go girl and live your dream of Rapunzel hair as now there are no split ends that can stop you from having long lustrous locks.
  • There is no shampoo or hair product than can treat the existing split ends. So the best treatment for already existing split ends is to get your hair trimmed.
  • Use heat protecting serum before use of hot irons, hot curlers, blow dryers and use a good quality conditioner to replenish its lost moisture.
  • Always use mild shampoo products for your hair which contains a mild detergent like sodium laureth sulphate and not harsh chemicals like ammonium laureth sulphate. Do not use force to detangle your hair which causes breakage of hair and split ends. Always use a wide toothed good quality hair brush to prevent breakage.
  • Use protein based shampoo for coloured hair which has either wheat or soy protein. Specially coloured hair needs lot of your attention and care so shampoo should be followed by ultra-moisturising conditioner which replenishes and soothes your hair.
  • Avoid excessive use of chemical based styling products such as for perming and straightening products.
  • Always wear a hat or cover your head with a scarf when you go out as it protects your hair from sun, heat, wind, cold, dust and pollutants.
  • Always wear a shower cap while in spas and in swimming pools.

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Dr. Sanjeev Gupta

MD, DNB (Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology) | Professor and Head of the Department (M.M. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research)

Mullana Medical College, Ambala

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