Mool bandh: Energy lock where our serpentine power rests

Back to basics

As for a structure to stand tall and strong above the earth has to be strong and solid beneath the earth too. Similarly mool bandh (मूल बंध) affects the mooladhara chakra which is the base where our serpentine power i.e. kundalini shakti rests. It forms a strong platform for meditative practices and also gives a better hand at difficult yogic asanas by increasing concentration and better mind coordination. Mool bandh also helps to release a lot of tension from the pelvic region and makes the reproductive systems both in male and female healthy. As literally by its name mool which means “base” (आधार), mool bandh helps in restoration and locking of pranic (vital) energy for its purposeful utilisation by the body. This energy so restored and reserved helps to prevent as well as eradicate various problems related to area near pelvic region and reproductive organs i.e. infertility, problems with uterus, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation etc. The practice of mool bandh also results in compliance of brahmacharya that ultimately results in intellectual and strength. No matter you is an experienced yoga practitioner or a yoga beginner, mool bandh is inevitably essential for every sadhak to build strong pelvic muscles and attain deep consciousness of yogic practices.

Execution of mool bandh

Mool bandh gives maximum benefits when applied while being in padmasana. But as I see that today people face challenges even in sitting crossed leg positions and in yoga nobody is considered to be as handicap so there are other alternative asanas in which the bandh could be applied. If there is any asana from the series of dhayanatmak asanas in which you could sit easily and comfortably then in that asana you could practice the mool bandh. Try to practice padmasana separately and once you have mastered the asana, you can practice mool bandh in padmasana. This combination of bandh and asana is complementary to each other thereby increasing the resultant benefits altogether. But if you are not able to sit in any of dhayanatmak asanas then you can practice mool bandh either by standing straight with eyes closed and body relaxed or by laying in sarpasana i.e lying down straight on your chest and arms parallel to your body. In either of the way you practice mool bandh always remember to keep your eyes closed and body especially backbone straight and relaxed.


If you ever have seen a cow or a horse excreting, they draw their ass inside after droppings and then releases it. Mool bandh referred to as anus lock is basically contraction of anus inward (perineum) and holding the position hard and strong for as long as you can. It may seem very easy by procedure but the key point of mool bandh is its “grip” with how much strength we hold it and for how long we stay in this phase. After you are exhausted, release the muscles slowly with awareness and relax for few second before going for next round. There is no a such criteria of minimum or maximum no of rounds as such. For a sadhak who can hold the anus lock tightly for a prolonged period, one round could be sufficient. Breathing is as we normally inhale and exhale. Initially you may be able to contract perineum better after exhaling out completely but as you master the process of mool bandh, breathing process gets detached. Just remember not to contract and release anus muscles too frequently, rather try to hold for at least few seconds in the beginning.

  • Apana vayu or the air present in the lower region of the body usually moves in downward direction but mool bandh changes its way tending upwards to reach the sushumna nadi.
  • Prana vayu (air which is responsible for our life), apana vayu (the air present in the lower regions of our body), naad (inner sounds or used as an abbreviation in mystical word) and bindu (after sound or anusavara) unites together to create oness and certainly deliver success to the yogi.
  • Mool bandh increases helps in awakening of the serpentine power or kundalini shakti which is the ultimate power of the universe.
  • By mool bandh prana vayu and apana vayu gets purified as a result there is decrease in by products of our body like urine and excreta.
  • When apana vayu moves in upward direction it reaches the zone of fire i.e stomach and enhance its glow (increase gastric fire with amendment of digestive system).
  • Moola bandha governs the basis of brahmacharya which helps in attaining the ojas and tejas.
  • Reproductive organs of both male and female which are considered as the Core of creation are also managed by the moola bandha as a result it increase their working efficiency.
  • It also makes the area near pelvic region disease free and diseases like piles, fistula, syphilis, uti, diseases related to reproductive system and excretory system are checked.

The basis of our life i.e bone marrow its state, production and conduction is also commanded by the mool bandh.


Practice mool bandh in the suggested way and on an empty stomach. People make mistakes of practicing bandh in between office hours, while driving or sitting on a chair so try to avoid such wrong practices. If you are suffering with problems like thyroid, piles, anal fissures and rectal ulcers then avoid the practice or do it under guidance.


Mool bandh is a very important yogic practice so don’t underestimate the potential and its benefits. If you do kumbhaka practices without mool bandh then there is probability of acquiring intestinal disorders, deformations and increment in pressure over the bladder. After having a good hand over mool bandh subsequently you should start practicing the uddiyan bandh.


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