Dr. Shishir Prasad

MS (Shalya Tantra) | Associate Professor (Gurukul Kangri- Haridwar) | President NASYA-Uttarakhand

Lead by a cause to make the lives of people around healthy and happy is the epitome of life adopted by Dr Shishir Prasad. His practices reflects the strong believe in ayurveda as his prescriptions includes guidance about the usage of herbs available in our garden or kitchen easily for the treatment of diseases besides the ayurvedic medicines. With huge applied experience of Musculoskeletal and Neurological problems treated with marma therapy, anorectal diseases treated with medicated thread (kshar sutra), kshar karma and wound care & skin diseases treated with hirudo therapy (Leech Therapy or Jalauka Avcharan) Dr Shishir Prasad is in continuous exploration and research in ayurveda.

Placed at Gurukul Kangri campus, Haridwar as an Associate Professor in the department of Shalya Tantra he comes with more than eleven years of clinical experience and expertises in the field of surgery and anesthesia along with more than seven years of experience into teaching. Besides as a speaker to many national conferences Dr Shishir Prasad travels a lot to promote and propagate ayurveda as a part of local campaigns in different states. He has helped organise several National/ International conferences, Workshops and health check up camps for the benefit of students, patients and common public over the years. He has also presented several papers. He currently holds the prestigious post of President NASYA- Uttarakhand (National Ayurveda Students and Youth Association- link www.nasya.in) and Executive member of AAIM.

Dr Shishir Prasad did his MS (Shalya Tantra) from Rajiv Gandhi Govt. Post Graduate Ayurvedic College, Paprola, Himachal Pradesh and also holds P.G Diploma in yoga.