Why my heart beats!

We say that feelings reside in heart but it’s a vital organ of our body whose function is to pump blood. All of us have listened the heartbeats, let’s know how does it function?


Why do we need sleep?

Some people sleep less while some sleep more but one thing common in it is that everyone needs sleep. Let’s know why do we become restless if we are sleep deprived?


Mushrooms! A fungi with natural medicinal properties

Mushrooms have been consumed in kitchens from a long time as they are known for their nutrient value and rank highest for protein among vegetables.


Understand the science behind sunscreen

Often we apply sunscreen before going out on bright days to protect from the harmful sun rays. There are various types of sunscreen available and selecting the right one can be tedious task. Let’s understand the best!


Sensitivity: Can be the reason for pain or discomfort in your teeth

If you have started feeling sensations, pain or discomfort in your mouth while having cold or hot drinks then the possible reason for it can be sensitivity.


Why do we dream?

Dreams are integral part of our sleep and we have all notions attached with them. Are they a repetition of whole day’s work or suppressed thoughts? Let’s have a look.


Do my cosmetics have a shelf life?

Our cosmetic shelves are full of products; we keep on using them until we don’t finish them. But do you know these have a shelf life?


Diet plan in fever

Fever is the commonest condition we all have undergone at some point in life. Let’s see what changes in our diet can help us to deal with it better.

from Happy and healthy living
by Dr. Sanjay Soni

Causes of cancer

What can make one ‘cell’ in your body cost you everything? As one of the leading causes of deaths, cancer is still a territory only partially explored, but by understanding causative factors of cancer we can reduce the probability of its occurrence.

from Happy and healthy living
by Dr. Sanjay Soni

Features of cancer

Cancer is a term that is variable and diverse, thus still considerably unknown. Even with its variability certain features that are common to all cancers can pave a way to early diagnosis and hence better chances of surviving this deadly disease.