Dr Sunil Kumar Joshi

MS (Shayla Tantra) | Professor and Head of the Department (Gurukul Kangari State Ayurvedic College, Haridwar)

Haridwar, Gurukul Kangri

As a doctor, a surgeon and a researcher, Dr Sunil Kumar Joshi has over 25 years of experience into teaching and clinical practice in Ayurveda. Currently located at Gurukul Kangari State Ayurvedic College, Haridwar, as Professor and Head of the Department in shayla tantra (surgery), he has performed more than five thousand surgical operations. With a vast demographical exposure of patients, he has been in charge of Earthquake relief team of Gurukul Kangri Ayurvedic College and a part of various free medical camps nationally and internationally (Mauritius & Japan). Dr Joshi has been a speaker and chairperson to various conferences nationally and internationally too. He has a long rewarding career in medical and vedic sciences and has got eight books published to his name.

During academics Dr Joshi developed a keen interest in understanding the marma science and marma therapy. After completing his MS from Institute of Medical Science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, he started the work on re-discovering the potential of marma science. Till date he has treated thousands of patients with general and chronic ailments. His special contribution for the development and re-establishment on Marma Science and Marma Therapy helped to introduce the Marma Science and Therapy Syllabus in different Universities and Institutions.

Dr Sunil Joshi strongly believes in medical ethics and vedic sciences. He is a life member of various medical societies and also a founder member of Janchetana (Institution dedicated to environmental and Health 1985) and Mrityunjay Mission (Foundation of Vedic medical Sciences 2009). His programs have also been aired on radio and television channels too.

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