Oaj: The essence of yoga

The most eluded concept of yoga is oaj today because of the disorientation, without which the seeker could never find his way to mukti and moksha.


Poor digestion! An alarm to your health

Yoga as for family health, there are some tips to promote strong digestion and overall health of you and your children.


Nauli kriya: The real wealth of a person

The practice of nauli keeps our digestive system so clean and healthy that it reduces the need of other shatkarma practices for their cleansing and also keeps the diseases related to them at bay.


Pranayama to go beyond cold

Enjoy winter in single shirt with Bhastrika Pranayama by taking out just ten minutes of your busy schedule and keep the cold and cough at bay.


Neti the first shatkarma: Essential for a yoga seeker

Neti comes as a handy kriya that takes ten minutes of your daily schedule to clean the nasal passage impurities, blockages and helps in preventing various nasal infections.


Yoga for mother and baby in womb

Your ignorance may create the consequences for a cesarean baby whereas yoga practice will lead you towards normal delivery of your baby.


Gym goers! Don’t rush but give a cool thought

Gym goers who combined proper yoga training with their weight training schedule were blessed with a special combination of sound and flexible body with a sharp mind.


Aah… This Stubborn Back…

Yoga has the perfect medicine to relieve your back pain with least effort and help you to lead a life with ideal health.