Enabling people with the ultra scientific aspects of Ayurveda and Vedic Systems, and working towards establishing a better long term holistic health and wellness for all.

Founded in 2015, Vedicus.com started as an initiative to bring trustworthy and extremely beneficial knowledge about age-old ancient Ayur-Vedic healthcare systems to the masses. It is an online healthcare portal launched on 22 Dec 2015 by honorable Ayush Minister Shripad Yesso Naik. Our source of information originates from varied experts in Vedic systems of healthcare and Ayurveda. We have a strong team of Gurus, Acharyas, Ayurvedacharyas, and Healthcare Professionals to keep us abreast with the most sophisticated information on all the different fronts of medical sciences.

Striving in our endeavors we realized how ultra scientific and precise our traditional Indian system of healthcare has been, taking care of nature and life in the most holistic way. There was a time when the first family doctor ought to be the grandmother in the family having around knowledge of primary care with effective home remedies and the nearest pharmacy ought to be the kitchen full of herbs as routine.

The time factored when we as a society turned more towards progress and modernisation while forgetting the basic practises for holistic life and healthcare. This motivated us to work back on basics and enable people with the concepts of Dinacharya, Rituachrya, Home remedies etc. Thus we at vedicus extended our initiative by organizing seminars, workshops, retreats, medical camps and lectures. From the year 2017 onwards we have been continuously organizing various such activities so that more and more people are reached with the understanding of authentic principles of Ayurveda and Indian Vedic Sciences.

Reaching out people on ground zero, gave us even more exposure of the gaps in the implication of these sciences in the current scenario. We saw that indegious good quality herbs and classical ayurvedic products were finding it hard to reach the end user. At this moment we decided to accept this challenge too. And re-engineered our portal to offer the most dedicated services for holistic health and wellness management, and best-curated selection of herbs, herbal and ayurvedic products at the best possible value, delivered with the most convenient experience.

Core at heart now we believe that long term holistic health and wellness could be better made possible through embracing practices in tune with nature and its accessibility for all could only be possible through proper guided services and awareness at the individualistic levels. This belief instills passion and guidance within us; to thread authentic healthcare information, services and products, into a single stop solution for a better long term holistic health and wellness for all.


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