Avarta marma

A sandhi marma located above the center of each eyebrow, which on moderate stimulation helps to relax eye tension and can be used as therapeutic for eye disorders, headaches and even facial paralysis.


Introduction of complementary food in child’s diet! Weaning

Introducing your child to a world of new flavors of food after a time period when child has to move on diet composing of different foods apart from breast milk which is important for complete nutrition.


Treatment of cancer! Which is the suitable strategy

Fighting cancer might be one of the most difficult battles you face, but if you know which weapon to strike with, it may turn into an easy win. Knowing the available treatment options and their possible complications puts you at an upper hand in each phase of treatment.


Vacha: Best natural stimulator for mind and better speech

A herb in ayurveda known for helping in making clearer speech and sharper memory, vacha comes loaded with relief for various psychological conditions by rejuvenating the brain and nervous system functions.


Panchakarma(पंचकर्म): A process of bio- detoxification

A process that covers all the methods of detoxification under one name i.e (panchakarma) for the complete clearance of unwanted items from the body to achieve salubrity.


Gomukh asana

Life can be made more peaceful by practicing gomukh asana which enhances your beauty and keep you serene.


Vitapa marma the insight padmasana

Padmasana also promotes vitality and reproductive functions which through ayurvedic parlance could be understood better i.e science of vitapa marma.


Giloy: An immunoguard!

An adorable herb of ayurveda that not only recovers you from dreadful diseases but also makes you strong internally so that you can easily evade from any ailment.


Tulsi: A living Goddess among us

A herb that has earned the phrase, ‘Queen of Herbs’ because of its countless medicinal characteristics with both spiritual and restorative properties.


Lemongrass: An aromatic healer

A citrusy aromatic and lemonade flavorful herb adding a unique taste to numerous cuisines; commonly known as ‘fever grass’ due to its ability to reduce high fever.


Amla: A rasayana having five tastes

A nutrient rich green fruit, filled with a highly concentrated source of vitamin c and having five ras according to ayurveda, that has a balancing effect on the doshas and also promotes detoxification.


Baheda: An herb with diverse health benefits

Ayurvedic life science and modern studies as well suggests that baheda has a wide range of pharmacological activities with a great scope of providing health benefits such as imparting longevity, boosting immunity, enhancing the body resistance against diseases.


Aloe vera: One herb for all

Aloe Vera has been credited with a long list of incredible health benefits and this multi talented herb can easily be grown in our houses with least care.


Banyan tree: A tree of life and fertility

Banyan is a special mentioned tree in Hindu mythology, known for having the longest life span and has capability to treat various disorders such as diabetes, skin disorders, urine disorders, vaginal infections etc.


Peepal: A tree for health

A tree having capability to generate oxygen day and night, revered from ancient times and also mentioned in ayurvedic texts for its immense health benefits.

from Ayurveda
by Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi

Seemant marma

Continuous pain in your head runs your daily activities but now 1 minute therapy of marma points on skull (stimulation of seemant marma) definitely solve your problem.

from Ayurveda
by Dr. Shishir Prasad

Kakshadhara marma

The stimulation of kakshadhara marma leads to clearance of the blocked channels in the body and is very beneficial for patients of frozen shoulder and/or for relieving muscular tension in the shoulder joint.

from Ayurveda
by Dr. Vinod Pr Upadhyay

Brahmi: A mind energiser

Brahmi is a herb used for rejuvenating the mind, increasing memory and reducing stress. Its prakriti according to ayurveda is sattvic, thus gets easily absorbed into the body, resulting in a refreshing and cooling energy.

from Ayurveda
by Dr. Shishir Prasad

Ani marma

Proper stimulation of ani marma is beneficial in the conditions like tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, muscle wasting or bicipital tendinitis, and promotes self care and self healing.

from Ayurveda
by Dr. Shishir Prasad

Avarta marma

A sandhi marma located above the center of each eyebrow, which on moderate stimulation helps to relax eye tension and can be used as therapeutic for eye disorders, headaches and even facial paralysis.

from Medical Segments
by Team Vedicus

Diet plan in hypertension

High blood pressure (hypertension) is a major risk to many heart and kidney diseases. It is one of the most prevalent chronic conditions throughout the world and can be improved by dietary and lifestyle changes.